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Simply The Best!

There is no need for using any other tracker. For the longest I couldn't find anything and just kept on trucking with writing the scores on the inside of the game box; no more! Great app! Lots of features!

Oh yes

Love the app. It’s just what I needed.

Awesome App

Excellent app, easy to rate 5 Stars. A couple of minor ideas for improvements. - Give the option to change the color of the interface to something other than dark green. I personally would prefer something more neutral like black or grey. - New app logo. The icon of a “Sorry” like player marker from a roll and move does not fit with most hobby games. I’m a graphic designer and have done other app logos for iOS and would be willing to offer you some alternatives at no charge. Leave me a comment if you are interested and maybe we can get in contact over email to discuss? The logo can definitely be more memorable than it currently is I think you’d agree. - The pie charts on the insights page should be arranged that all the charts are on the left side of the screen. Move “player counts” to the left of “players” so that the charts line up as a 2x2 grid and the list of players and locations are both to the right. - add the option to classify games by mechanisms: Deck builder, social deduction, area control, etc. Even better still, make the classification customizable by the user. Then add a pie chart section for how many plays of each classification type. This would be a neat way to see what type of game players prefer, for example dudes on a map VS euros. Your app is awesome and thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions! And please contact me about the app logo, I would love to help and like I said I’d do it as a labor of love! No charge and you can make edits or any changes you would like, let’s do this!

Most Charts YAS

This app is so great. It thinks of everything I could possibly imagine tracking. The pie charts! #kreygasm

Awesome app

Handles my huge collection super fast and import from bgg was a breeze!


This app is wonderful! The best one out there for tracking games and challenges. The only issue I’m currently having is that I’m not able to save a photo of my challenges.... I was able before but not anymore. Hope an update will happen soon.

MUST HAVE app for any BGG

Love this app, really easy to log plays and look at stats. Syncs with BGG. A must have for any boardgamer. <Would love to see functionality added that let me tell it how many people I had and it tell me the games in my collection that play “Best” with that number - pulling from BGG stats>

Awesome Stats!

I purchased the deep statistics package. The data that you can pull out of here is super interesting. You can import your currently logged plays from BGG and then log them directly from the app. If you start your log when you start a game it will even keep track of the time for you. Win percentages, all time leader boards from all plays you've logged. Total time spent in each game as well which is a good start to have if you're looking at how much play time you're getting out of each of your games. If you don't log your games, you should, and use this app. If you log your plays, use this app

Awesome app

Would you be able to add a “wins” category when looking at the players insights? It’s the one category I miss from my old scoring app. We like to know how many wins a certain person has overall and when I click on a game, I like to see who’s won the most, second most, etc. Other than that one thing, this app is perfect. Everyone should have it!

Best way to log your plays!

I tried and failed couple of time to log my plays in BGG. But this app interface is very intuitive, and having it on my phone means that I can log as soon as I’m done playing anywhere, any time. And finally there are the challenges! While you have to play extra for that feature, IMHO it is worth it. I’m looking to play more games and the challenges help with that. My only complaint is that I can’t setup a 365 challenge; i.e. play one game (any game) every day.


I learned of this app from a fellow board game con attendee. I purchased it immediately after his demo of it to me. It is well written with a great interface that’s easy to use. I especially like it’s integration with BGG. Well done!

Solid Game Logging App

Been using this for over a year now to log my plays. Easy to use and good views of the data.

Top Notch!

Great app for tracking plays, viewing your collection, and having a way to track challenges your set for yourself. The developer always keeps this updated and the UI is easy to navigate! Essential for any board gamers!

Fantastic, Great for any tabletop fan.

I love tabletop games, and I am a huge data junkie. This app is perfect for recording wins, times, and plays of any game in your collection. I would recommend this app to any board game fan who likes to record their experiences.

Great tracking app

I love this app! My friends, not so much. Mostly because I like to enter every game we play and there are a few games they would rather me not. This app falls short in only one area that I can think of. I would like the ability to see how I fare against a specific person or group of people. It's nice knowing my win % but it would be nicer to know my win/lose % against a specific player or group. We have some competing people in our group so it would be cool to have this star as well. Other than that, I highly recommend this app to anyone that plays boardgames and likes to track them.

Fantastic tracking app

I download the app about a week or so ago and it has already become invaluable. We play a lot of games at work (every day during lunch), and one of us always had to act as a scribe and track who won and overall rank, then go enter it into NemeStats. A lot of times, we'd forget to take those notes and scramble to remember everything as we were entering it in, and other times we'd just forget to enter games in entirely. Now, I immediately start setting up the play in this app as soon as we sit down. It's a bit harder to do when a game has hidden teams (like Werewolf; Saboteur; Good Cop, Bad Cop), but still quite manageable. The Challenges expansion was a nice way to let the app help me figure out what games I could work on for the 10x10 Challenge, and the Deep Stats expansion just gives some really cool data around your games. As a side note, the developer is extremely responsive. I had questions about combining games and their expansions for the 10x10 challenge as well as things like how he pulls some data from BGG and he responded within a few hours.

Great App

Perfect for those who like to record statistics on board game results. Now we can really see who is the best at which game over the long haul.

A must have for board gamers

I like keeping track of how many plays my games get. I used to do it on BGG. And then I discovered this app and decided to purchase it. Since then I've kept track of scores on all of my games as well as plays. My friends and family ask me their win percentage. It's fun to go into individual games and see who has the highest winning score. This is a must buy!! Update: As of June 2017 I am still using this app every time I game. The developer updates it frequently and any time there is a problem.

Great Ap

I love this app. I have been using this it for nearly a year now to track my games. Does a great job. I also bought the add-ons for Deep Stats and and Challenges Expansion which have been fun addistions. I'm able to sinc my iPad and IPhone info together. Love the charts. Can compare my scores with previous games and with other players. I recommend this app for all gamers.

Just a few options from a 5

Needs a few more sorting options (like choosing unplayed) and a way to rare games and it would be a 5/5 Keep up the good work.

Absolutely essential

This is the app that I've always wanted for tracking plays. It's quick, easy, and so intuitive. It's fantastic to know average scores, who new players are, and track when I last played a game. I can't wait for some new expansions so I can continue to support the developer!

Use it Every Day!

The best app for tracking board game plays and stats! I cannot say enough great things about this app!

Long time user—love it!

I've used this app for 2 years now and I love it. I'm not necessarily overly excited about the aesthetics of it (-1 star) but I love the functionality. Great for the nerds who play games that need to be nerdier with their stats!


App worked perfectly, now the cloud sync won't work and I can't add my email to the app. It wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't charge an annual subscription for the cloud sync, which was already annoying, since the 'cloud' is BGG and iCloud...

Great app

I've never been good about tracking my board game plays but this app has made it extremely easy! I can sync to my BGG account, save pictures of my plays, see all the data from games, and prove to my wife we don't play as often as she thinks we do! lol Love it and highly recommend it


Excellent error-free sync w/ BGG, wonderful pie charts, lists, stats, etc. very impressive.


I always found it a drag to record my game plays in detail by BGStats makes it easy.

The best board game tracking app out there

There may be little things that would be nice to have but it's hard to quibble with an app that does this much. The integration to BGG is a huge bonus. This app changed my gaming life!

Awesome for data/stats lovers!

Modeled very well. Use your it arcade and board games. So many neat features in free version and upgrades.

More than I expected

I was hesitant to try this app since it cost money and there were some free ones available. It greatly exceeded my expectations and I am considering upgrading it even though I don't want the upgrade. I just went to pay the developer for doing an incredible job. It links to my BGG account seamlessly and offers wonderful statistics about what we have all played

Handy App

Great app for tracking games, checking stats, and seeing your game collection from BGG.COM.

Must have for tracking plays

This app makes logging plays so fast and easy, and it has far more functionality than I ever hoped for. It also has some of the best, most responsive support, with an active presence on the boardgamegeek forums. It has worked almost flawlessly for me for the last 22 months, in which I've logged my 704 plays with 75+ different players. It is absolutely indispensable for me!

Best app for logging game stats

Had this app on my phone for a while and love it. Great way to keep track of played games and they are always updating this as well. Keep it up!

Works great

Love it! No complaints here.

Makes you enjoy your current collection more!

This app gives so much insight into how your board gaming happens: how often, with whom, for how long, and who wins. This reduces the amount of "extra" games you buy as you see what people enjoy and all play well, and also lets you know who to arm-twist for strategic advice.

Superb statistical tracking for board games!

Just discovered this app yesterday, and it's excellent. Combines two passions of mine into one. I also purchased the deep dive add-on and wanted to make a couple requests. In the statistics per player section, can you add a number of players filter to breakdown how players do at different player counts? Additionally, can you add tracking for the "role" field? I'm using it for factions / player mats in Scythe and it'd be cool to see statistics on that field as well. Great app!!

Greatest app of all time

I started tracking games in 2006 in a notepad, and I've kept it going ever since. I really wanted to track them in bgg as well but it is really tedious to do so, I decided to just track game plays on bgg, and used the notebook to record the scores and players. (All along wishing It was easier to enter that info in bgg). I ran across this app about a week ago, and realized it's potential right away and started updating all my game plays since 2006. It took me about 5 days to finish, but now I have all 1700+ plays recorded in the app (and bgg). Now I wish I would have also recorded the length of play in the notebook. Anyway, this is now my favorite app of all time! Kudos to the app creator!!!

A must have app for boardgamers

This is a phenomenal app that all board gamers need. It is the best way to log and track all of your plays, and it is very easy to sync this all to a boardgamegeek account or other devices. It is supported amazingly well with constant improvements and new features. This is the most used app on my phone. Highly recommended!

Excellent board game app

I'm an avid boardgame player and this app is the best I have ever used to track my plays. It syncs with BGG and allows for tons of customization including locations, images and players. This is a must have if you play boardgames and want to track your plays.

Best Scorekeeping App, Period!!

I've tried tons of Scorekeeping apps, and this one is the best! The developer has done a fantastic job of integrating with BoardGameGeek, which is huge for me. And the stats are really quite nice! Completely thrilled!

Great, great app

I love this app. It is useful and does everything well. The updates have done small but mighty improvements. My one request would be a way to separate games played from games owned, as that can get confusing at times.

An essential app for me

I love this app. It has a very clean, easy interface. The stats tracking is fun. Links to BGG. Keep it up!

100 plays and love it still

I picked up this app after my friends claimed "you always win." I have now logged over 100 games and I can prove I only win 31% of the time. This is a great app. Easy to log games and easy to navigate. Also a big plus that is links to BGG for logging games.

Great app, unhappy about deep stats expansion price

The app is fantastic! I love using it! This is the premier way to log your plays! The deep stats expansion is too expensive. We already payed $2.99 for the app and now this expansion costs another $2.99. That's just too much. It really is a shame because I would love to have it! I just don't understand why it would cost anything... At most .99

So amazing

This app is essential for board gamers. Data entry is so simple and yet so detailed. After just a few plays, you'll immediately see how much fun it is to look back and track your progress. Which games are getting the most play? Which of your friends is the best at your favorite? How long has it been since your last session? No more mystery, just use this app.

Great app, one question...

I love this app and everything it does. My only question is how can I get my games list to upload to BGG? I thought the stats & games list uploaded. I'm only seeing my stats on BGG. Can someone help?

Fast and efficient

I'm currently at DiceTowerCon using this app to log the games I'm playing with my group and others. I could not be happier with how fast and easy this app is to use and sync wit BBG.

Helpful, easy, and fun

I've always logged my board game plays on Board Game Geek, but I don't get on my computer at home very often and the BGG website isn't very accommodating to my mobile device. I wanted an app to record my plays from my phone. What I got was so, so much more. Not only can this app sync my new plays to BGG, but I also put all of my old plays on here easily, too. Now I can see all my plays for the month or the year or even my all time plays. Best of all, though, is the way the app creates easy to use graphs for so many stats. For example, pie charts for locations I've played, days of the week, and the people I've played with. There are bar graphs for total plays for the last few days or the last few weeks as well as line graphs for plays of each individual game. The app will track the personal high scores for each player for each game and give win/loss records, too. Does your buddy seem to have a selective memory when it comes to how he did the last time you played your favorite game? Just look it up with a few taps on your phone. I've had this app for over a year. In that time it has had a few small glitches. For example, a new friend of mine was listed as having won a bunch of games against me even a couple years before we even met. However, the app is very well supported and any little problem has been quickly addressed. Additionally, the app is much better and has more features now than when I first installed it. It just keeps getting better and better. One last thing, and maybe this is just a weird thing about me than about the app, but sometimes in looking over my personal stats, I've been motivated to set a new record for number of plays for a particular game. For example, adding another game to my "5 and dimes" list (games you've played at least 5 or 10 times), or trying to increase my H-index (for example, right now my H-index for the year so far is 4, meaning I've played four different games at least four times.) If you like knowing what you've played and with whom and how well you did, I can't recommend this app enough. It's quick and easy to use, updates your info to BGG, and lets you instantly see all your stats with the touch of a finger. It's so completely worth the few dollars I've spent on it.

Great for logging plays to BGG

If you want to log your board games plays to BoardGameGeek, this is a great tool. I love being able to see the stats for my plays for months, years, and all time.

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