Board Game Stats App Reviews

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Wonderful !!

how wonderful ! I love this app. if I can see you, I teach you about this. Yon can make the list of your fantastic games. And you can make the list of your wanderful play log with your friends or family... These connect complete to BGG,if you have account on BGG. Your playing logs are very important in your life. so you must spent a money for your life, then you can get a wonderful things, time,and so on. I hope iPad version. すばらしい。 このアプリが大好きです。 もし、あなたに会えたなら、私はこのアプリについて教えるでしょう。 あなたのゲームリストを作ることができ、あなたの友人や家族との素晴らしいゲームでの記録を作ることができます。 これらは、あなたがBGGのアカウントを持っているならば、BGGと完璧に接続してくれます。 プレイログは人生において大切なものです。 このアプリに費やした金額は、あなたの人生に素晴らしい事や時間をもたらすでしょう。 できれば、iPad版も出てくれたら、と願っています。

Its good

Its a good app, but I cant auto-post to BGG.

Fast and efficient

Im currently at DiceTowerCon using this app to log the games Im playing with my group and others. I could not be happier with how fast and easy this app is to use and sync wit BBG.

Great app, one question...

I love this app and everything it does. My only question is how can I get my games list to upload to BGG? I thought the stats & games list uploaded. Im only seeing my stats on BGG. Can someone help?

Great and Powerful app

BGStats works perfectly well and the developer always add new features. The best game-tracking app on iOS. BGG integration is perfect ! @Kubenboa

Great work! Thank you!

Perfect app to sum up all board game stats :-)

The best app to track your board game plays!

This is the perfect App to track your board game plays! You can add games, players and locations and get instant statistics about your plays. It works perfect together with BGG, but you can use it as a standalone app without any restrictions. The support from the developer is perfect but rarely needed. I use the app all the time and it is within the top 5 of all my apps!

Worth a try

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. No need to long any longer. Now I have an app that give me all the game at stats I am looking for. The only thing missing is the ability to export my plays to boardgamegeek. Great job on a great app!

Totally worth it

If you want to enter your play, win rate its totally worth to jave that app

Great app!

This is my first time writing a review for an app. Its just awesome! If you love playing board games and have many of them and want to record your games and plays in detail, this is the app you are looking for.

Terrific App

Ive been using this app for a while now, and I love it! Such an amazing app for anyone who box tops.

The best board game app!

This app is great for tracking what games are in your collection and plays of games. Very intuitive design and flow. Would highly recommend it. Links in with BGG for pulling in game data and submitting your plays to your BGG profile. Highly recommended!

A happy board game geek

Ive always logged my plays over at; now with this app Im able to interact with that data in all sorts of cool ways. Thanks for making this!

Best app & Support

If you track your board game plays, this app is essential. The ability to download plays from BGG and sync new plays to BGG makes tracking so much easier. The charts are awesome and Eerko does a great job responding to questions and incorporating recommendations! This is by far my favourite app!


If you track games you play, there is no better app! Dev is very responsive to feedback and is very quick to get updates out.


Best app to record Board game plays and sync the records with BFF hands down.

The best board game stats..

The best board game stats app, I tried many apps and this is the only that I use every game night. Great work. The fifth star when upgrading the iCloud sync. Really a great app anyway.

Great App For Tracking Games Played

After importing all my games played from BGG, the data mining I could do was amazing. "Have we played this with tonights guests?" "How long does it run with 6 players?" "What is a good 3-player score?" If it could somehow aggregate that type of info across all BGG play logs (not just mine) then all questions might be answered. Still, best gaming app out there. Love that it tracks game time automatically. Only desires are a) never let you leave the active game play screen without a "do you really want to abandon this play?" and b) fill in duration at end of play rather than telling you how long and making you enter that figure (rather override autofill than vice versa).

Fast and easy to use

This is still a great app and worth using. Ive used it for every game since downloading. Ive had a crash here and there, but theyre always updating it and fixing issues. Very happy with it. You can put in who played, final score, teams, comments, post to BGG, how many rounds it took and more. I particularly like looking up a player and seeing what games we played or what day do I game on the most and a pie chart of player count overall.

Helpful, easy, and fun

Ive always logged my board game plays on Board Game Geek, but I dont get on my computer at home very often and the BGG website isnt very accommodating to my mobile device. I wanted an app to record my plays from my phone. What I got was so, so much more. Not only can this app sync my new plays to BGG, but I also put all of my old plays on here easily, too. Now I can see all my plays for the month or the year or even my all time plays. Best of all, though, is the way the app creates easy to use graphs for so many stats. For example, pie charts for locations Ive played, days of the week, and the people Ive played with. There are bar graphs for total plays for the last few days or the last few weeks as well as line graphs for plays of each individual game. The app will track the personal high scores for each player for each game and give win/loss records, too. Does your buddy seem to have a selective memory when it comes to how he did the last time you played your favorite game? Just look it up with a few taps on your phone. Ive had this app for over a year. In that time it has had a few small glitches. For example, a new friend of mine was listed as having won a bunch of games against me even a couple years before we even met. However, the app is very well supported and any little problem has been quickly addressed. Additionally, the app is much better and has more features now than when I first installed it. It just keeps getting better and better. One last thing, and maybe this is just a weird thing about me than about the app, but sometimes in looking over my personal stats, Ive been motivated to set a new record for number of plays for a particular game. For example, adding another game to my "5 and dimes" list (games youve played at least 5 or 10 times), or trying to increase my H-index (for example, right now my H-index for the year so far is 4, meaning Ive played four different games at least four times.) If you like knowing what youve played and with whom and how well you did, I cant recommend this app enough. Its quick and easy to use, updates your info to BGG, and lets you instantly see all your stats with the touch of a finger. Its so completely worth the few dollars Ive spent on it.

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